Metal-Invest LLC has been providing fast and uninterrupted supply of rolled metal products to each customer for over 8 years. Our company has no tedious orders and impossible tasks. We are always ready to complete an order of any configuration and complexity.

Long-term partnerships with leading manufacturing plants in Russia allow us to set the most affordable prices for metal products.

We respect our time and the time of our customers. When we carry out an order we comply with all contractual obligations and supply time at all stages. All our products comply with the Federal standards of the Russian Federation.

Our mission is to create the most convenient service for implementing construction projects of any scale in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Far East in particular.

We are open for cooperation and ready to implement projects of any scale and complexity. At the request of the customer, the company is ready to provide supplementary services. We believe that mutually beneficial cooperation leads to long-term relationships with partners and only high-quality service and responsibility lead to the desired results.
Denis Medyannikov
Co-founder and Director of Metal-Invest LLC

Metal-Invest LLC today is …


specialists of well-coordinated team

1 500

items of metal products

142 000 tons

of sold products

2 200 000 m2

of built facilities

1 134

implemented projects

Supply geography

Fast delivery of products to any destination of the Far East